Thanks for all members and guests who participated in our Annual Tombstone tournament!
For those who are not familiar to the Tombstone, the format allows each player to begin with their handicap, minus 5 strokes, plus the course par and see how many holes you can complete before running out of strokes. So, for instance, if you were a 15 handicap, you would receive
15 – 5 + 72 = 82 total strokes before you would have to stick your Tombstone into the ground. The object of the game is to get as far around the course as possible, without using up all your strokes.


1st Marty Koughan Holed putt on #18 (1st retrogression)
2nd Bert Stevenson Holed putt on #18 (2nd retrogression)
3rd Art Vey Holed putt on #18 (3rd retrogression)
4th Leonard Doyle 62 yards from pin on #18
5th Brian Duffy 67 yards from pin on #18
6th Matthew Bowlan Tee Box #18
6th Greg Bryant Tee Box #18
8th Ed MacAulay 1 Inch from pin #17
9th Mike Judge 3 Inches from pin #17
10th Kennie MacWilliams 8 Feet from pin #17
11th Michel Garneau 24 Feet from pin #17
12th Rick Arsenault Tee Box #17
13th Dean McClumpha 1 Inch from pin #16
14th Leonard Callaghan 2 Feet from pin #16
15th Boyd MacKenzie 4 Feet from pin #16
16th Jacob Richards 1 Inch from pin #14